Grounding has a rapid calming effect on the autonomic nervous system that regulates functions like heart and respiration rates, digestion, perspiration, urination, and even sexual arousal.

Regarding the latter, feedback over the years has included these comments:

  • From a male: “I’m now confident that I haven’t been imagining things when I notice how sex is so much more energizing and fulfilling when some part of at least one participant’s body is earthed.”
  • From a wife: “I noticed an energy change almost immediately and much less aches and pains in the a.m.   My husband is sleeping much better having been plagued with horrible insomnia for years and after trying just about everything. Instantly our love life improved.” drastically.
  • From a female doctor: “Most patients tell me their sleep is deeper and they don’t awaken during the night. I have also been told their libido has increased.”
  • From a wife: “My husband and I have been sleeping grounded for about two months. Has anyone mentioned the great orgasms when having sex grounded? We have both experienced that great extra benefit. We also sleep better and less aches and pains.”