No studies have been done on Earthing and sexual wellness, but in general, Earthing boosts the function of the body’s electrical system, nervous system, and cardiovascular systems.  We know there is a lessening of pain, due to a lessening of inflammation.  Uplifting of mood.  A normalizing effect on the stress hormone cortisol.  Lessened depression, anxiety, and irritability.

According to Shawn Talbott, Ph.D.,author of The Cortisol Connection: Why Stress Makes You Fat and Ruins Your Health — And What You Can Do about It:  “You don’t need to read a book about the relationship between stress and disease to know that when we’re stressed out, we also have problems in the intimacy department.  For starters, menstrual cycles get all out of whack, erections are more difficult to achieve and maintain, and overall libido (sex drive) plummets.  Stress simply makes us lose interest in sex.  In males, this is due primarily to a dramatic fall in testosterone levels during stressful times.  In females, the stress-induced loss of sex drive is a bit more complicated, involving disruption in levels not only of testosterone, but also of estrogen, progesterone and prolactin.”

Stress is obviously a big factor here. Earthing normalizes cortisol and has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Earthing improves energy, as we have heard countless times from people.

And the research shows that circulation improves.  So all the organs, and all the extremities, are being better “fed.”

These factors represent a combination of effects that theoretically could contribute to improved sexual health, just as it contributes to overall health.  People feel better.  More energy. And when they feel better, they are more likely to be in a mood for sex.

We have received comments like these over the years:

  • “I am a 42 year-old male, healthy, eat right (fish, vegs, whole grains, legumes, very limited meat) and always exercised. Despite that, I had erectile dysfunction on and off for years through my 30s. Tai qi and yoga helped but if I didn’t do it for a day, ED was back. A chronic problem of sluggish response and maintaining arousal. After adding grounded sleep to my regimen in just a couple of weeks the problem was completely solved. It also reduces water retention, muscle soreness and inflammation.”
  • From a 61-year-old male:”My ability to have and hold an erection is much better. I was getting a little low in that department but not anymore.”
  • From a male doctor, 56: “I immediately noticed I was waking up with erections on a consistent basis.  I knew from that alone that something was working.  Probably wasn’t happening for past 10-20 years and until I started sleeping grounded. Along with this, it feels like my sleep is somehow of a deeper quality.”
  • From a male: “I’m now confident that I haven’t been imagining things when I notice how sex is so much more energizing and fulfilling when some part of at least one participant’s body is earthed.”
  • From a wife: “I noticed an energy change almost immediately and much less aches and pains in the a.m.   My husband is sleeping much better having been plagued with horrible insomnia for years and after trying just about everything. Instantly our love life improved.”
  • From a female doctor: “Most patients tell me their sleep is deeper and they don’t awaken during the night. I have also been told their libido has increased.”
  • From a wife: “My husband and I have been sleeping grounded for about two months. Has anyone mentioned the great orgasms when having sex grounded? We have both experienced that great extra benefit. We also sleep better and less aches and pains.”