• In 2011, a retired Iowa businesswoman and teacher told us she had been grounding for a couple of years and was experiencing consistently deeper and more restful sleep, along with more energy, and a dramatic reduction in gum inflammation. Then she contacted us with this observation: “For two weeks after the departure of a house guest, I was suddenly feeling miserable with a lot of fatigue. My gums started to be sore and I didn’t sleep well at all. At first I thought it was a result of too much activity while playing host to my guest, but I finally discovered that I had forgot to plug in my Earthing sheet. Now all is well again. Sleep and energy restored! Gums no longer sore again.”

• From a woman in Australia: “I had been using an Earthing mat for my computer, watching television and sleeping at night for only 11 days when I had an appointment to see my orthodontist for my regular 3 monthly clean.

“I have periodontal disease and I wasn’t looking forward to it at all, as it takes a half hour or more, is very uncomfortable and makes my gums bleed.

“Well, it took less than ten minutes including having that minty stuff brushed on and an application of fluoride, no discomfort, and no bleeding.

“My orthodontist said my gums are looking good; I still have a couple of pockets but whatever I was doing, to keep on doing it as everything is looking a lot more stable.  He was happy.  I was ecstatic.”