•  From Annalee in Boise, Idaho:  “Earthing helped me get completely off my anti-depressant, has taken my back pain away that I’ve had for over 10 yrs and has given me and overall sense of peace that I can’t explain. It makes sense that our bodies are batteries and need recharged. The Earth is just a big charger that we need to plug into to get recharged. I’ve been doing it about 3 weeks, making a point to get out and walk barefoot every day and lay on the grass. I’ve been doing it daily for at least 45 minutes at a time. I have missed a day here and there because I get busy but I notice when I do miss a day I don’t feel as good. I was very skeptical going into it but I can’t deny the positive changes I’ve experienced. My body is craving that energy I can’t explain it.”

• From a paramedic in North Carolina:  “It may sound crazy, but it looks like I have eliminated my depression with Earthing. I started sleeping on a grounding mat four months ago, and not only did I sleep better, but found that I could cut down and eliminate my anti-depressant medication (which I had taken for about 2 years).  I was able to cut down without having any of the depression and suicidal ideation that I had when I tried to reduce medication before.

“I tried previously to cut down numerous times. What would happen is that I would always lose interest in the things I like.  I would think about suicide passively (“wouldn’t it be nice if I died”) and, on three occasions, I actually attempted to take my own life.  The first time was by running my car in my garage. The second time I brought a personal-sized charcoal grill into my car, set it in my back seat, lit the charcoal, then closed all the windows and doors while I sat in the front. Another time I tried with an overdose of heroin. I had never done heroin before or after.

“Within two weeks of starting grounding, I tapered down from about 100mg of medication a day to 0 mg a day. I was cautiously hopeful and wanted to see what would happen. This time it was different.  Nothing happened, other than me feeling normal.

 “When I ground myself, I find I am able to get to sleep within minutes instead of much longer, and sleep deeply through the night.  Before I would often have to read an audio book or do something to keep me entertained while I lay back and tried to allow myself to fall asleep.”

•  “I started doing the earthing because I was actually quite depressed while living in a Northern coastal city where the weather didn`t suit me. A social worker who knew about your book recommended that I put my feet in the sand. It was really cold at the time (winter time) and I resisted the idea. So she said, just do it for a few minutes. So I went to the beach heavily dressed for the winter and did this for many months. I felt happier and happier and had more energy as well. I ended up moving away, but I haven`t stopped doing the earthing. I have the mat. On a few occasions, I left it at work and couldn`t sleep without it. So I know it`s doing something for me.”

• “I’ve been grounding for a couple of years, sleeping with my feet on a grounding mat.  I used to suffer all winter with Seasonal Affective Disorder. I took Vitamin D3 and that made a little difference but not that much. This winter I was happy all along until the connection came loose at the wall socket for two days. I felt like hell, the same hell I felt every winter since the 1940s.  Then I discovered the disconnect, reattached the mat to earth ground and slept all night. The next morning I felt great! That’s an overnight cure of SAD, unheard of.”