Testimonials include relief from back, chest, and soft tissue damage following accidents, arthritic pain, earache, and headache, and enhanced recovery from leg ulcers, hernia, swelling, poor circulation, and insect stings.  

One Quadriplegic’s Amazing Healing Story

Jason Parkinson, of Sequim, Washington, is a quadriplegic with extraordinary courage and optimism. He suffered a severed cervical spine in a 1990 car crash.  In September of 2017, the 47-year-old began sleeping grounded, and grounding himself as well during the day in his wheelchair.

In January 2018, he reported a nearly 90 percent decrease in systemic pain and severely disruptive leg spasms at night, for which he has used very strong medication and even straps.

Always prone to coldness, he says he now enjoys systemic warmth.  His skin has become pink, indicative of improved circulation.

A lab test in December showed that his “severely low” testosterone had soared 78 percent since he started grounding.  He had been taking testosterone injections for two years, and stopped them “instinctively” when he started grounding. “I thought grounding might help with my testosterone issue,” he said.  “Sure enough. It did.”

The visible chronic inflammation on his body, legs, and arms are gone.

His lung capacity, previously limited to 20 percent, has expanded to 60 percent.

Jason says his doctors are amazed.

“I’m grounding most of the day.  Nearly 24 hours.  The more you ground the better.  Good at 8 hours, better at 12, and I’m pretty close to 24 hour every day. It’s helping me phenomenally.  My energy is off the charts,” he says.  “My strength and clarity are way up. My hair is thicker.  My wife and caregiver say I am more confident and can cuss even more.”

To view a video of Jason’s “mind blowing”experience, click here.

Healing Relief from Job-related Knee Damage and Surgeries

From Marcia Rudd, 63, Woodside CA, March 2019: “I had been working as an electrician for many years. During a job in 1998 I was required to use five sets of ladders to get up and down that caused severe trauma to both knees. I had to go on disability. I had three knee surgeries, and all kinds of treatments, including injection therapy, pain shots, pain patches, ibuprofen, and fluid extraction. My knees were wrapped with ace bandages and I needed a walker. The knees would constantly swell. For six years, I was in misery, limited to about four hours a day of activity, and spent a lot of time icing my knees and keeping them elevated. And resting a lot. I was told I was fighting inflammation. I was not happy.

“Around 2004, I started Earthing. The results were fast. Within a few months, I was able to eliminate the walker and the wraps. My limp was gone! The swelling decreased significantly. I personally grounded myself with six electrode patches nightly along with a grounded bed pad.

“Earthing was a great relief and bought me time. I never stopped Earthing. The surgeries I needed were not perfected. Earthing improved my quality of life. I didn’t need to nurse my knees so much. I could swim and hike with sticks. Cooking and shopping became a lot easier, no need for electric carts.

“In 2006 in Hawaii, I was working as an orchid grower, and fell 16’ off the greenhouse roof. I broke an elbow and fractured my pelvis. I was a month in the hospital, needed a walker with a forearm extension, three surgeries to straighten the elbow, and physical therapy. Thanks to Earthing, there was little bruising and swelling. I call that prevention! And Earthing came to the rescue again!”

“In 2018 I got my knee cap replaced. The grounding helped break up the scar tissue. The physical therapist even noticed how it helps make the scar tissue smooth and smaller.

“Today, I am very much pain free, with only an occasional need for a Tylenol. I dance. I hike. I swim. I live my life. I am so grateful for Earthing not only how it physically helped me but how it has helped with the stress level.”

Relief of leg ulcers – from a 58-year-old acupuncturist in Australia:

“When I was about 20 years old I had a motor-bike accident, and required comprehensive skin grafts on my left shin area. A very thin skin layer was attached directly to bone, with no cushioning below. I was left with very poor circulation and numbness in that area ever since.

“Over the years since then, I have had dozens of wounds and leg ulcers over the skin graft sites, mainly from dings while chopping wood or when mowing the grass, where stones would fly out and hit my skin graft. The resultant wounds and ulcers would take about 8−12 weeks to heal, depending on their size.

“In 2012, I developed nine leg ulcers. I had never had that many ulcers at any one time. The biggest ulcer was about 15 mm (more than a half-inch) across!


“Having used grounding effectively for some time, for myself and my patients, I immediately began grounding myself as much as possible. On the lawn. At the beach mornings while going for a barefoot walk or swimming. And all night on my grounding sheet. I was grounding for up to 18 hours a day. Normally I would ground myself about 12 hours a day.

“I didn’t use ointments, disinfectants, or antibiotics. Only grounding.

“Within eight days, the ulcers had scabbed over very nicely. (Picture below)


“At 18 days (below), there were only two scabs left, a small one towards the top of my graft and a very small one near my ankle. My leg was essentially back to normal after not even 3 weeks.


“The experience proved beyond doubt for me that ‘Earthing’ is a simple yet powerful healing force which I believe is a gift from the creator.”

Back and chest pain relief  following an accident – from a 55-year-old man in Finland:

“I injured my sternum in an accident, and the injury caused pains in my back and chest. Sleeping has been difficult due to not being able to find a comfortable position without pain.

“I put the grounding sheet in my bed and already on the first night I slept peacefully and felt more relaxed, without pain. In addition, my musculature has remained relaxed even after physical work. The stiffness that used to bother me is now gone. I have gained a peaceful sleep.”

Back pain relief following an accident – from a woman in Australia:

“I fell off an electric scooter and it ran over me. I was taken to the hospital and they couldn’t do much for me. They told me it would take 6 weeks to 2 months for healing and recovery, and possibly longer.

“I couldn’t walk, only shuffle. I had really bad pain in my lower back which was affecting my pelvic area.

“I heard of Earthing and decided to give it a try. After two nights of sleeping grounded, I couldn’t believe that the pain had reduced by at least 50% and I had my mobility back. I am so amazed by the effect. It’s been less than 4 weeks and I have experienced considerable repair and healing to my body to get on with my normal lifestyle.”

Severe ankle sprain

From Bo Syrotiak, an occupational therapist in Southern California (2019): “I sprained my right ankle really bad while hiking, resulting in severe swelling, sensory abnormalities, and skin texture changes.  Even after two years, I still had mild swelling, skin discoloration, pins-and-needles feeling, and sandpaper-like skin texture at the site of the sprain.  I started grounding by walking barefoot on the lawn and beach as often as I could. Within about three months the symptoms such as sandpaper-like skin dryness and swelling healed up and resolved.  I normally sleep grounded, walk barefoot on moist grass at sunrise, and walk barefoot on the beach on Saturdays. I even started a beach meetup group called Move Barefoot to inspire others.”

70-year-old Florida man: recovery from surgery for a thigh bone fracture 

“The first time I used a grounding sheet I quickly noticed that a small pain in my left heel was gone. Several months later, I had a nasty fall. My wife had to call Fire Rescue to help me up off the floor. They transported me to a local hospital where they confirmed that I had broken my left femur. The very next day I had my wife bring the sheet to me while in the hospital. The next day I had an operation where I had a rod placed into my leg.

“The day after surgery I had a visit from my doctor and he was amazed that I had no swelling in the leg whatsoever. I remained in the hospital for 4 additional days and the doctor and nurses all were amazed that the leg never began to swell.

“There appears to be no other explanation than the grounding sheet doing its function.

“I have gone through rehab since being released from the hospital and am 95% back to where I was before the fall and no one is taking my grounding sheet from me. I don’t know how much a role the sheet played in my recovery, but the leg never swelled. I did have pain that was associated with the recovery from the operation, but it quickly subsided and today I am walking again.

“My doctor told me that I recovered extremely quickly…65% ahead of the curve for similar operations he has performed. A coincidence or a commentary on the value of the sheet?

During the day I will typically find one of my two cats sleeping on top of the sheet. Think they know something about grounding?”

86-year-old male: grounding relieves ear ache, headache, arthritic pain, and speeds recovery from tooth extraction

From David Olson, 86, a retired professor of forestry and wildlife living in New Hampshire, who has been grounding for about two years:  “I sleep on an Earthing sheet and it gives me a good night’s sleep of six or more hours. I awake fully charged and ready to go.

“In the spring of 2016, I had a persistent ear ache with fluid inside my eardrum. After three weeks of ineffective doctors’ care and home remedies, I put my grounding mat on my pillow and slept on it. After three nights, the ear ache was gone.

“Later I had the flu. After the vomiting phase and during the diarrhea stage, I had the worst headache of my life − involving my neck and entire head. Again, I put the mat on my pillow and lay down with the right side of my head on it. After 10 minutes there was no pain on the right side of my head. I lay down again with the left side of my head down and in 15 minute the headache was completely gone.

“With my last tooth extraction, I followed the usual procedure.  The extraction was on Monday with the oral surgeon and the follow-up the next day with the dentist. Overnight I slept with my face on the mat on my pillow. When the dentist looked in my mouth, the tooth cavity was entirely healed and he asked me when I had had the tooth pulled.  “Last week?” he asked.

“I sleep with my mat in my bed every night and try to use it in some way − on my sciatic hip, across the small of my back, on a sore shoulder or as a Dagwood style sandwich with my arthritic hands and fingers inside. Each time I use the mat this way there is less or no pain in the morning, but some or all of the pain comes back after a day or several days. I suspect that grounding clears up local inflammation in arthritic joints but the inflammation comes back because the arthritis persists.”

California woman reports speedy recovery from minor surgery

“Yesterday (September 25, 2017) I had surgery, a relatively minor procedure, and when I came home, I was in considerable discomfort, bordering on pain. As evening approached, I was beginning to regret refusing the prescription for OxyContin. But sleeping with my Earthing pillow on my stomach seemed to work. This morning the swelling is gone and so is the pain! I was told to expect at least two days of pain, but I didn’t even need a Motrin!

“My husband is waiting on me hand and foot, so I’m not telling him!”

76-year-old male: multiple health issues better

“I must say when I first heard about Earthing from my daughter I was very skeptical, but when you are elderly and in pain, stiff, and uncomfortable you will usually give anything a go. Things didn’t happen overnight for me but I persisted with it and I can now certainly see and feel the wonderful benefits.  Who would have thought it was so simple as connecting to a bit of ground outside.

“About 10 years ago I had a very big operation where my whole body was virtually cut in half due to esophagus cancer.  Thankfully I survived, however, I have suffered quite a lot of pain in various parts of my body over the years and have tried many creams and some medications to help.

“One of the first benefits I noticed with Earthing was the circulation, reduced swelling, and colour in my legs from using the Earthing mat.  I can now get around without having to wear my long, tight circulation stockings – which caused me so much grief every morning just to get the damn things on. The colour and tone of my legs have greatly improved and I now have less aches and pains in them.

“I started using the Earthing body band around my back and chest as I often suffer from a lot of pain where my scars are and an absolutely amazing thing happened unexpectedly. I have a protruding hernia on the front of my stomach and when I was grounding for my back I pulled the band over the hernia for comfort. Quite unexpectedly I noticed that my hernia become much softer instead of a hard mass and had actually shrunk. This actually fascinated me so I started measuring around my stomach and over a period of a couple of months the hernia actually shrunk about 3” and now feels like part of my body instead of a hard rock.  Its appearance and colour is also now more pleasing as well.

“I now sleep grounded as well as connect to the body band when in bed and this has allowed me to get a good night’s sleep pain free and am usually off to sleep in about 3 minutes.

“I have early stages of prostate cancer and would get up several times a night. Now I only get up once early in the morning and generally get straight back to sleep.

Quick relief from insect stings – from a university administrator:

“This past week I had a few incidents where Earthing came to the rescue.  First I got stung by a wasp on top of my foot. I went outside in the grass barefoot…and the pain went away in moments.

“The next day, while doing some morning yard work, I walked barefoot across the top blocks of a stone wall, and the wall gave way. I came tumbling down with the block scraping against me.

I had a minor scrape on my back and bruised foot, but the leg near the knee was worse. I immediately went straight to the grass and stood there wondering if I’d feel a stinging pain. It never really hurt, but within 10 minutes I was stung by a yellow jacket, which of course stung at first, but that went away almost immediately.

“I sat in the grass with both feet and both hands touching the grass for close to an hour. During that time, once, or twice I felt a mild version of the yellow jacket sting for just a moment, but that was about it. The healing of the sting was very noticeable, in terms of stopping to pain and reducing the swelling/welt very quickly.  In the past I’ve always made a salve with baking soda and used meat tenderizer…..and didn’t need either.

“I then went into the house and used salt water to clean/wipe my wounds, and used the grounding pad inside for a while.

“The scrapes healed quickly, as noticed by scabbing over completely by the next morning.  From playing softball over the years, and scraping my legs, I recall that it always took several days to scab over to the point where I didn’t have to worry about my pants sticking to the oozing wound/scrape.

“Hard to measure, but I certainly felt that the entire healing process was accelerated.”

Retired Canadian nurse: rapid healing of soft tissue damage following fall and fractures to elbow and pelvis

From Marney, 81, a retired Canadian nurse:  “I have had osteoporosis for 20 plus years.  Always been a good walker, up to an hour a day, eat a healthy mostly vegetarian diet, very little sugar.  Have had an Earthing half sheet for 3 years and an Earthing mat under my desk.

“On Dec 26th 2015, I tripped at a curb, fell face forward on the sidewalk.  In the hospital, X-rays and scans determined a fractured left pelvis, no displacement, and severely fractured left elbow, requiring surgery with the addition of titanium wire, plate screws plus a fibreglass cast for 21 days.

“Home after 11 days, on pain medication, and an intense rehab program.  Our sleeping arrangement was moved from the bedroom, to eliminate stairs, to the main floor of the house.  My Earthing sheet was entirely forgotten.

“Three months later, physical therapy had substantially helped elbow healing.  Surgeon pleased with recovery and elbow use, but I had shoulder, neck, upper back pains; soft tissue issues.  I was walking daily, increasing my distance, but also developing hip, knee, and lower back aching.

“Saw a physical therapist for relief. It was now four months post-fall.  I had long before stopped pain meds, taking only anti-inflammatory supplements.  But I was ‘whining’ and ‘complaining’ about multiple discomforts.  It felt like the fall had shifted, almost, realigned my spine from neck to tailbone; my hips, legs, and arms from the stretching/walking/exercising. I ached all over.  The therapist suggested the soft tissue damage from my fall needed addressing.  She advised heat, stretching, and home exercises, and it was at this time that it finally hit me…..where is my Earthing sheet?

“I quickly found the sheet and remade the bed with the sheet lengthwise on my side.

“In less than a week, I was cautiously saying to myself, ‘I am feeling better.’  I stopped the supplements and have not taken any since.  I could sit in a chair without needing to be propped up with pillows, I could turn over in bed. I didn’t need pillows between my knees to keep my pelvis in alignment.  I was wary of saying, ‘Yeah, I am so much better’ in case I was suddenly struck with shoulder, hip, neck, and leg pain again.  But gradually the feeling of ease increased, which I relished and welcomed.

“At the last physio appointment, nine months post-accident, the physical therapist said she ‘had not seen anyone of my age heal from such a traumatic injury so quickly.’  I credit my Earthing sheet as complementing and probably accelerating this major healing of soft tissue and only wish that I had resumed it much sooner.  Now, more than a year later, the aching, spasms, and fatigue have not returned.  Daily walks of 45-60 minutes and up to two hours once or twice a week, weather permitting, are the norm.”

Accelerated healing after minor surgery – from a retired computer programmer

From a retired computer programmer in Washington State:  “I am in my third year of being grounded nightly.  I’ve had some minor surgery done and was told that the cut/damage that was done to my skin would take weeks to heal.  Not so!  Within days it had resolved and disappeared.”

Accelerated healing after cutting off piece of finger – from a 62-year-old woman

“I cut off a piece of my finger on Friday that was almost dime-sized. Today is Wed. and it is completely scabbed over and shows no signs of inflammation. At 62 years old, I was expecting a far longer recovery time.”