Feedback from Health Professionals

Pets Love Mother Earth

When indoors, it seems that pets sense something familiar and beneficial when they come in contact with an Earthing sheet or mat or other grounding product. Based on our observations over the years, animals are [...]

Nurturing the Nervous System-Heart Connection

Perhaps one of the most overlooked Earthing dividends – and so beneficial in these stressful times – is the rapid calming influence that takes place within the autonomic nervous system (ANS) that regulates functions like [...]

New Hope for Diabetes

Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C. Diabetes is a disorder that contributes to arterial and nerve damage, foot ulcers, lower limb pain and numbness, weakness in hands and feet, kidney disease, vision problems, heart attacks, stroke, [...]

Menopause Transformation – A Case History

Laura Koniver, M.D. I have seen over and over how simply touching the Earth dramatically changes lives, but a recent patient of mine may have had the most dramatic transformation I’ve seen yet. She [...]

Grounding: Rx for Massage Therapist Burnout

Being on the receiving end of a massage can be thoroughly remedial, pain-relieving, relaxing, and even blissful. Thanks to the skill, energy, and passion of the massage therapist you typically come away feeling like a [...]

One Dentist’s Earthing Experience

Chuck Munier, DMD I was trained as a mechanical engineer before I went into dentistry. I normally take an engineer’s show-me attitude to new things. So when Earthing first came to my attention as a [...]

Pets Need the Earth, too

Stephen R. Blake, DVM As a holistic veterinarian with nearly 40 years in practice, I have made it my goal to learn the natural ways animals keep themselves healthy by observation and study. The [...]