Earthing Institute Mission

A New Health and Healing Frontier

The mission of the Earthing Institute is to disseminate knowledge about Earthing and its benefits, and coordinate Earthing research. As director of the institute I look forward to many exciting discoveries ahead related to the simple proposition that good things happen inside our bodies when we connect to the Earth beneath our feet.

Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D.

Director, Earthing Institute

As a researcher involved primarily with the physics of electricity and the body’s electrophysiology (how the body produces and utilizes electrical energy), I find it rather amazing that at this point in the human timeline we are just starting to scientifically explore the benefits to health that come from direct contact with the planet we live on.

Past cultures put great emphasis on connectedness with the Earth, a relationship still honored by many indigenous people today. To what extent this connection was recognized as a healing factor among past cultures is not a subject that has been studied. Now, finally, science has arrived on the scene to explore the dynamics and benefits of this connection.

The studies I have been involved with have yielded an absolutely intriguing picture of what happens when we connect to the Earth. In short, it’s as if a switch is somehow turned on, and, in response, the body’s inner workings start functioning more efficiently and robustly.

The initial studies conducted to date – more than 20 as of the beginning of 2016 – strongly suggest a distinct, positive, and rapid shift in the physiology that may one day give rise to whole new definitions of what is normal.

The research continues. We have so much more to learn.

Earthing is a timeless practice, a modern discovery, and a growing movement. It is not a treatment…it’s a hugely rewarding return to a core aspect of Nature we have abandoned.

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